Fine Art Expressions' Signature Collection FAQ

Frame Types:

Reclaimed: In an effort to support local businesses, some of my expressions are placed in frame they have been acquired from local businesses. This benefits them as well as our local community. Please note: Due to the nature of previously used frames, there may be minor, yet visible character imperfections. These imperfections will be highlighted in the description.
New: These frames are brand new and unpacked by me in the course of creating the artwork.
Fine Art Paper:

For all of my expressions, I only use archival quality, fine art paper. Additional information is available in the description of each selection.

Shipping is currently not available for the selections in this collection. Due to the weight of some of the selections, shipping may be cost prohibitive. In additions, this reduces the risk of breaking the glass and/or damaging the piece.
Delivery: Since this collection is limited to local area residents, I will work with each buyer to coordinate delivery. In most cases, I may be able to hand deliver the artwork directly to you.

Need Additional Information: Please send your inquiries to my at I'd love to hear from you.