About the Artist

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About me: Hello, my name is Kenneth L. Montgomery and I am the artist behind Fine Art Expressions. I was born and raised in Southern Alabama in a small town named, Atmore. In addition, I lived in Southern California for a number of years. I now reside in Southern Mississippi.

Photography: I’ve been a photographer for many decades and have explored many different genres of photography. I got my first taste of photography back in the 1980’s with Kodak instant cameras as well as the classic 24/36 exposure 35mm roll film cameras. While attending Faulkner State Community College (now Coastal Alabama Community College) in Bay Minette, AL, I enrolled in an “Introduction to Photography” class. I was so intrigued with the entire process of capturing each scene as well as developing the exposures in a dark room. That experience really ignited my passion for photography. Years later, I transitioned to digital cameras. That enabled me to be able to capture as many exposures (shots) as I wanted, wherever I may be—be it outside in the yard, at a local park or in a far away country. As one who loves to travel and explore new areas, I'm sure to take my camera with me and capture those awe inspiring scenes as I come across them. Some of my photography affiliations include the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

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Digital Artistry: I have always had a curious, exploratory mindset. As such, I often set out to satisfy my curiosity which extended into the graphic design space. In high school, I took a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) class that taught the fundamentals of computer usage. The instructor had a subscription to WordPerfect magazine, a competitor to Microsoft Word. In each issue of the magazine were exercises that explored photo manipulation at a basic level—sizing, inserting into a document, cropping, etc. That was enough to fuel my curiosity and seek out more. I would later start to play around with Adobe Photoshop. While pursuing my associate’s degree at Jefferson Davis Community College, (now Coastal Alabama Community College) in Brewton, AL, I enrolled in a Photoshop class. I learned a lot with regards to working with images. I developed my skills to the point that enabled me to work as a digital artist at the Montgomery Advertiser in Montgomery, AL while completing my degree in Information Systems at Faulkner University. I continued to hone my proficiencies after that via trial/error exploration as well as through attending graphic design seminars.

Having a passion for both photography and digital artistry, I resolved to combine both of these outlets as a means to express myself creatively. The Fine Art Expressions here represents my desire and passion to do just that. As I eluded to in the intro on the home page, I see art as much more than just a scene to behold. Rather, art can be a catalyst that can bring about positivity, spark ideas and even be an aid that fuel one's drive.

Fine Art Expression - Artistic Process

My artistic process: Oftentimes, I’m asked, “Are your expressions photographs or are they paintings?” My response: depending on the piece, it's a combination of both! I let them know that each scene—nature, travel or scenic is first captured photographically by me. In addition, each abstract, cultural or non scene piece is designed by me digitally. From there, each expression goes through a 50+ step process to transform them into their finished digital painting state. Through trial and error over the years, I have developed my own unique process that enables me to be able to more fully express my creative vision for each piece and I'm thrilled to be able to share that vision with others to enjoy.

Fine Art Expressions at Local Art Walks and Fairs

Throughout the years, I have made my expressions available to art loves both locally at art fairs and related events as well as across the United States via my website and social media outlets. It’s always a thrill to have the opportunity to have wholesome conversations regarding my artwork. I look forward to every opportunity that I have to do so.

Fine Art Expressions Gallery - San Diego
Accolades: While on this fun-filled journey of photographic and digital artistry exploration, it has been very exciting and rewarding to see my work on display at various art exhibits to include such places as, “The Lyceum Theatre Gallery” and the “Art Institute of California” in San Diego, CA. My work has also been on display at the “International Exhibition of Fine Art” at the San Diego County Fair. I have also had the opportunity to have my work on display at other sponsored art shows. I also have a permanent gallery in San Diego. It has been a fun-filled and rewarding journey thus far and I look forward to all of the joys that are yet to come!