About the Artist

Kenneth L Montgomery profile picture for Fine Art Expressions

Hello, my name is Kenneth L. Montgomery and I am the artist behind Fine Art Expressions. I was born and raised in Alabama.  I've lived in California for a while and I'm currently based in the Southern Mississippi area.

For decades, I have explored many different genres of photography. From the very beginning, I became intrigued with photographing nature, landscape, seascape, travel and scenic expressions.  In addition, my curiosity with digital artistry began not too long afterwards.

The Fine Art Expressions here represents my desire and passion to combine both my photographic style and my digital artistry techniques as a means to more fully express my creative vision. 

As I eluded to in the intro on the home page, I see art as much more than just a scene to behold.  Rather, art can be a catalyst that can bring about positivity, spark ideas and even be an aid that fuel one's drive.  It has been a fun-filled and rewarding journey thus far and I look forward to all of the joys that are yet to come!


New York Institute of Photography (NYIP)
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Exhibitions and Awards:

While on this fun-filled journey of photographic and digital artistry exploration, it has been very exciting and rewarding to see my work on display alongside many other talented artists and photographers. Below is a listing of such opportunities.

 “The Jetty at Seven Mile Beach” - Grand Cayman 
International Exhibition of Fine Art - San Diego County Fair (2014)

▲ “Castillo San Felipe de Barajas Fort” - Cartagena, Columbia ▲
The Lyceum Theatre Gallery, San Diego (2014)

▲ “Calla Lily Blossom I” ▲
Art Institute of California – San Diego, CA (2010)

▲ “The Path That Lies Ahead” ▲
Art Institute of California – San Diego, CA (2009)