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About Kenneth L Montgomery at Fine Art Expressions

Over the years, I have explored many different genres of photography. Throughout my explorations, I have remained true to what ignited my passion for this creative forum, more than two decades ago. That passion is my love for nature, landscape, seascape, travel and scenic photography.  In addition, I have been involved in digital artistry for many years and have explored various aspects of it as well. 

The Fine Art Expressions here on my website represents my desire to combine my photographic style and digital artistry as a means to more fully share my creative vision.  Each expression here is not a photocopy or reproduction of a physical work.  Rather each is an original digital artwork in and of itself, created via a combination of digital mediums from start to finish.  

It has been a fun filled journey thus far and I look forward to all of the joys that are yet to come!


Best Regards,
Kenneth L Montgomery, Founder

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP)
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
San Diego Photoshop Users Group (SDPUG)