What an Unexpected Surprise!

The Jetty at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman Fine Art Print
At times, someone may tell you of a popular scene and encourage you to check it out. You may take their advice and check it out for yourself and are thankful that you did. However, at other times, without any prior knowledge, a great scene is pleasantly stumbled upon. That was the case on this occasion! As I customarily do, I took a city tour while vacationing in Grand Cayman. However, I did something completely different this time around. The tour was winding down and we were heading back to our starting location. The tour guide made reference to the “Seven Mile Beach” coming into view on the right side. I looked out the window and I could see where we started from off in the distance. It looked to be about 3 to 4 miles away. Feeling energetic, I decided to forgo the remainder of the air-conditioned ride and walk the rest of the way back. I asked the driver to pull over, gave her a tip and then I was on my way. After completing about half of the journey, I came across this jetty. “Wow, what a pleasant surprise!” I thought to myself as this scene could not be seen from where I started. I captured several exposures of it before moving on. I often think how fortunate I was in making the decision to walk back. Seriously, who does that! After all I was on vacation, riding in an air-conditioned bus on a very hot day!