Other Purchasing Options

To give you more purchasing options and configurations, I am pleased make my Fine Art Expressions available for purchase through other outlets. Please see the list of options below.  Please note that each vendor operates independently of FineArtExpressions.com and may have different terms of service, policies, etc. Simply click on each link to open in a new window. 

Fine Art Expressions on Pixels (a.k.a. Fine Art America)

  • An industry leader in producing high quality fine art expressions.
  • Options to purchase on Metal, Wood, Fine Art Prints, Canvas and Acrylic
  • Options to to add various mat and framing options
  • Options to purchase in larger sizes and panoramics (some up to 72 inches wide)
  • Enjoy a 30-Day money back guarantee (see terms on site)
  • Fast shipping (orders ship approximately 3 business days after placed)

 Fine Art Expressions on Etsy

  • Make purchases via your existing Etsy account
  • Enjoy many of the same buying options that are available at FineArtExpressions.com

Other Custom Sizes/Options:

  • My Fine Art Expressions are available in many mediums and sizes from small to extra large through my website and the vendors listed above. In addition, I've also partnered with a high quality fine art print shop here in Southern California.  So if you cant find the size that you're seeking in a given medium, please send me an email inquiry at info@FineArtExpressions.com and I will follow-up with you at my earliest opportunity. 
  • Please note: The largest available sizes through this vendor are as follows: Fine Art Prints and HD Acrylic can be printed up to a maximum of 48x96 inches and HD Metal can print up to a maximum of 40x60 inches.